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Stalin And The Ukraine Famine

A starving family in a courtyard, featured in Anne Applebaum's new book Red Famine

Daily Mail: The forgotten Holocaust: How Stalin starved four million to death in a grotesque Marxist experiment - which many in Russia STILL deny

Four million Ukrainians were starved to death by Stalin across 1932 and 1933
Some left-leaning figures past and present have sympathised with his regime
But a new book by Anne Applebaum leaves no doubt about his responsibility

One day in the summer of 1933, in a village in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union, a little boy woke on top of the family stove. He was starving — not just hungry but genuinely starving.

‘Dad, I want to eat! Dad!’ he cried. But the house was cold and from his father there came no answer.

The boy went over to his father, who was apparently still asleep. There was ‘foam under his nose’, he remembered. ‘I touched his head. Cold.’

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WNU Editor: My father grew up in Ukraine during the famine (he was 12) .... and the memories from that experienced haunted him throughout his life. I know that if he was alive today he would be critical of this Daily Mail article. The author's focus is that Russians are in denial that the famine occurred  .... I do not now what she is talking about .... no one I know in Russia is in denial on what happened. And if my father was alive today .... he would remind everyone that during the Ukraine famine the Communists did not care on who died .... and that many Russian-Ukrainians also perished. A point that appears to be absent in this book.

Did President Trump Take A Sip Of Wine?

WNU Editor: President Trump does not smoke or drink .... and apparently he has always been like that. So did he take a drink in this toast (1:32 mark of the video)? A friend of mine who is an alcoholic (he has not had a drink for almost 10 years) told me that he did not. His lips got wet .... yes .... but in his book that does not classify as taking a drink. What's my take .... getting your lips wet is definitely not taking a drink.

What Is Missing From Ken Burns 'Vietnam'

Bing West, NYPost: Missing from Ken Burns’ ‘Vietnam’: The patriotism and pride of those who fought

To understand Ken Burns’ 18-hour Vietnam documentary, listen to the music. The haunting score tells you: This will be a tale of misery. And indeed, Burns and his co-author Geoffrey C. Ward conclude their script by writing, “The Vietnam War was a tragedy, immeasurable and irredeemable. But meaning can be found in the individual stories . . .”

The film is meticulous in the veracity of the hundreds of factoids that were selected. Everything depicted on the American side actually happened. But that the chosen facts are accurate doesn’t mean the film gets everything right. Indeed, the brave American veterans are portrayed with a keen sense of regret and embarrassment about the war, a distortion that must not go unanswered. And the film implies an unearned moral equivalence between antiwar protesters and those who fought.

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WNU Editor: I noticed the same thing .... and it is my pet peeve when it comes to how the media operates. It is not what is reported that irks me .... it is what the main stream media chooses to ignore that bothers me.

Tweets For Today

Did President Obama Know That The FBI Had Wiretapped People Connected To Trump's Presidential Campaign?

Wall Street Journal: Did Obama Know about Comey’s Surveillance?

The media is less interested in Obama Administration wiretapping than in how Trump described it.

This week CNN is reporting more details on the Obama Administration’s 2016 surveillance of people connected to the presidential campaign of the party out of power. It seems that once President Obama’s appointee to run the FBI, James Comey, had secured authorization for wiretapping, the bureau continued its surveillance into 2017. CNN reports:

US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election, sources tell CNN, an extraordinary step involving a high-ranking campaign official now at the center of the Russia meddling probe.

The government snooping continued into early this year, including a period when Manafort was known to talk to President Donald Trump.

Some of the intelligence collected includes communications that sparked concerns among investigators that Manafort had encouraged the Russians to help with the campaign, according to three sources familiar with the investigation. Two of these sources, however, cautioned that the evidence is not conclusive.

This means the wiretapping was authorized more than ten months ago and perhaps more than a year ago. It was presumably a tough decision for a judge to issue a secret warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, enabling the administration to spy on someone connected with the presidential campaign of its political adversaries.

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Previous Post: Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Wiretapped Under Secret Court Orders From 2014 Until This Year. Mueller's Prosecutors Told Manafort to Expect An Indictment (September 19, 2017).

WNU Editor: After a day of reflection .... and re-reading the news reports on this story .... I find it very telling that CNN is admitting that at least two of the three sources that were used in obtaining this court-ordered wire-tap believed that the resulting evidence that was presented to the judge was inconclusive. So why did the judge permit the wiretap? I would also like to know who were the officials who made this decision, and who else did they consult or inform of their surveillance plans. But more importantly .... was President Obama briefed on the details of this investigation, and if yes what did he do? Then there is the Department of Justice claim earlier this year that Trump Tower was not wiretapped .... but if the CNN report is true .... Manafort could have been wiretapped during a time when then candidate Trump was talking to Manafort .... so why did the DoJ make that claim? And then there is the really important question that no one is asking .... did the wire tap capture conversations between Trump and Manfort, and if yes .... what happened to those recordings? I have a hundred and one questions .... but no answers. But what is really freaky is that the main stream media is either quiet on this story .... or they are discounting it as being incidental and that the Manafort investigation was not focused on then candidate Trump but on Manafort's connections to Ukraine .... Right Wing Revives Claim That Trump’s Obama Wiretap Accusation Has Been “Vindicated.” (It Hasn’t.) (Slate). I can understand why the media is responding like this ..... it goes against the narrative that they have been pushing since the election. But in my opinion this is a big story, and I am very confident to say that the drip drip of more revelations will continue .

Update: I don't blame him .... Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort demands investigation of report FBI wiretapped him (USA Today).

Picture Of The Day

Corridor Convoy
Soldiers maneuver through a central corridor during training on Fort Irwin, Calif., Sept. 15, 2017. During the exercise, soldiers conducted a wide-area defense with the objective of controlling key terrain. Army photo by Sgt. David Edge

Hollywood Stars Form A Committee To Investigate Russia

Daily Beast: Rob Reiner and Morgan Freeman Declare ‘War’ on Russia

With the newly formed Committee to Investigate Russia, filmmaker Rob Reiner tells The Daily Beast he plans to do what President Trump won’t.

“People always joke that he’s the voice of God,” Rob Reiner says of Morgan Freeman. And while that is a role Freeman has portrayed in multiple films, he also has some experience playing the president of the United States.

The first time the Oscar-winning actor took on the role of president, in 1998’s Deep Impact, he was charged with protecting the human race from a giant comet. In a video released Tuesday for Reiner’s newly formed Committee to Investigate Russia, Freeman addresses a different type of existential threat.

“We have been attacked,” Freeman says into the camera. “We are at war.”

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Reiner, Frum headline group to publicize Russia probes -- CNN
Hollywood stars, ex-spies launch Russia investigation campaign -- The Straits Times
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Morgan Freeman now narrating … Russiagate? -- Hot Air
Hollywood Liberals Team Up With Iraq War Hawks To 'Protect Democracy' Against Russia -- The Daily Caller

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Are The Military Options Against North Korea?

Uri Friedman, The Atlantic: North Korea: The Military Options

What would a strike actually entail?

The Trump administration claims “all options are on the table” for dealing with North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program—from using military force, to pressuring China to cut off economic relations with North Korea, to Donald Trump negotiating directly with Kim Jong Un. But what do those options look like? And what consequences could they have? This series explores those questions, option by option.

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Mattis hints at US military options for North Korea -- The Hill
Jim Mattis Hints at Secret Military Options for North Korea -- Wall Street Journal
Mattis hints at secret 'kinetic' military options for North Korea -- Business Insider
United States has 'many' military options in Korea crisis: Mattis -- Hi-tech Beacon
Cryptic Mattis Says US Has Weapons to Strike DPRK Without Endangering Seoul -- Sputnik
Mattis Says US Can Take Military Action Against North Korea Without Losing Seoul -- Daily Caller
US has 'many' military options -- The Daily Star
Can US military shoot down a North Korean missile? -- FOX News
Analysts: Military Options Against N. Korea Fraught With Danger -- VOA
Attack On North Korea Could Spare Allies, Secretary Mattis Says. Analysts Aren't So Sure. -- HuffPost
If the US Military Attacks North Korea Is Seoul Safe? -- The National Interest

Ethnic Clashes Displace Tens Of Thousands In Ethiopia

VOA: Ethiopia: 55,000 People Displaced Amid Ethnic Clashes

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — More than 55,000 ethnic Oromos have been displaced from Ethiopia's Somali region after a week of clashes with Somalis in which dozens were killed, the regional government of Ethiopia's restive Oromia region said on Sunday.

The statement from the Oromia government follows claims by Somali regional officials earlier this week that more than 50 people were killed in an attack against ethnic Somalis in Aweday town.

"More than 55,000 Oromos were displaced from the Somali region after the recent incident and are now sheltered in makeshift camps,'' Addisu Arega, Oromia region's spokesman, said in the statement. "Overall, some 416,807 Oromos have been displaced this year alone in fear of attacks by the Somali region's Special Police Force.''

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Ethiopia reports ethnic clashes force 55,000 to flee -- AP
70000 displaced amid ethnic clashes in Ethiopia -- Xinhua
US calls for probe into Ethiopia ethnic clashes -- News 24/AFP
Ethiopia must step up political reforms, U.S. 'disturbed' over ethnic clashes -- Africa News
Why is the US Worried About Ethiopia? -- Newsweek

Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopter Accidentally Opens Fire On Bystanders With Missiles (Video)

Daily Mail: Terrifying moment Russian helicopter accidentally opens fire on bystanders with MISSILES due to 'technical glitch' during Zapad 2017 war games, seriously injuring two people

* Footage appears to show bystanders being fired upon by a Russian helicopter
* Two missiles explode just feet away from cars and people in horrifying scenes
* It has been reported that two people were seriously hurt and taken to hospital
* Comes as Russia hosts its biggest war games in years in form of Zapad-2017
* Putin's forces repelled an imaginary enemy and launched a 'counter-offensive'
* But Russia says the military exercise is rehearsing a purely defensive scenario

Two people are reported to have been seriously hurt after a helicopter accidentally fired on bystanders during Russian military exercises.

Horrifying video footage shows what appears to be two rockets being fired from an attack helicopter before exploding just feet away from three people and parked cars.

The person who recorded the footage seems to have been interested in capturing a fly-by - but panic spreads and he or she flees as mud and smoke fly into the air after the explosions.

It has been reported on Russian website that the missiles 'blasted off on their own'.

The site added: 'At least two cars burned down, two people were seriously injured, they are now hospitalized.

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Russian Ka-52 gunship accidentally hits target on ground (VIDEO) -- RT
Target-cam: Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter misfires (COCKPIT VIDEO) -- RT
Russian Helicopters May Have Fired on Bystanders at Zapad Military Drills -- Moscow Times
Russian Military Helicopter Fires Rockets by Accident -- New York Times
Russian helicopter accidentally fired on spectators during war games, state TV says -- Chicago Tribune/Washington Post
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Russian Helicopter Fires on Spectators During Drills -- VOA
Russian helicopter accidentally fires rocket at onlookers -- The Guardian
Insane Video Appears To Show Russian Helicopter Firing On Crowd During Exercise -- Task & Purpose

U.K. MoD Releases Footage Of Recent Drone Strike On ISIS

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Daily Mail: Operation Hellfire: Dramatic moment RAF pilots use drone-controlled single missile to stop ISIS public execution 2,000 miles away as it's revealed secret strikes in Iraq and Syria have stopped terror attacks on British soil

* Footage released by the MoD shows crowds of civilians being forced at gunpoint to gather in a Syrian town
* RAF flies a reaper drone operated by pilots 3,000 miles away at Waddington in Lincolnshire past the scene
* It then unleashes its deadly arsenal – obliterating a sniper keeping watch over execution on a roof nearby

Secret strikes by RAF warplanes against jihadists in Iraq and Syria have stopped a series of home-grown terror attacks, a top commander reveals today.

Air Commodore Johnny Stringer admitted British citizens had also been killed in the missions against Islamic State strongholds.

The extremist group has a special unit dedicated to mounting atrocities in the UK and Europe, he said.

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WNU Editor: How times have changed. In the past if the U.K. government admitted that it had targeted and killed its citizens .... there would be an uproar in parliament. Today .... they release videos showing exactly that and the reaction is ho-hum.

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- September 19, 2017

Jamie Tarabay, CNN: Aung San Suu Kyi: The rise and fall of Asia's Mandela

(CNN)For years, she was the epitome of the peaceful protester, steadfast in her devotion to democracy in her homeland of Myanmar through nonviolent means.

Aung San Suu Kyi was lauded on the global stage, awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, and praised for her refusal to incite violence while under house arrest for 15 years after winning a presidential election the ruling military refused to accept.

Now, protesters around the region are torching effigies of the democracy icon. They are furious at her failure to act while Myanmar's military lays waste to land held by the minority Rohingya Muslims, shooting civilians and sparking a mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of people who have been denied citizenship in the Buddhist-dominated country.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- September 19, 2017

Suu Kyi's Rohingya speech: Too little, too late? -- Shamil Shams, DW

The War North Korea Wants -- T.S. Allen, Modern War Institute

Can Donald Trump build a united front at the UN against North Korea’s nuclear threat? -- Robert Delaney, SCMP

The US Faces Unsavory Choices in the Korean Peninsula -- George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

It's All to Play for in Syria, and Russia Is Winning -- John McLaughlin, OZY

Syria Is a 'Laboratory' for the Air War of The future -- Patrick Tucker, Defense One

As East Mosul Comes Back To Life, West Mosul Remains In Ruins -- Jane Araff, NPR

The Hubris of Hezbollah -- Andrew Exum, Defense One, The Atlantic

Why were 39 Burundian refugees shot dead in the DRC? -- Azad Essa & Steve Wembi, Al Jazeera

Will Pakistan Part Ways With Its Proxies? -- Daud Khattak, The Diplomat

The Afghanistan strategy we’ve been waiting for -- Sen. David Perdue, Defense News

Why Australia shouldn't count on China for growth and profits -- Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald

What Britain needs to understand about the profound and ancient divisions in Germany -- James Hawes, New Statesman

Pay Up, Europe: What Trump Gets Right About NATO -- Michael Mandelbaum, Foreign Affairs

Is the UN facing budget cuts under Trump? -- Nicolas Martin, DW

World News Briefs -- September 19, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Daily Mail: At least 49 dead' after 7.1-magnitude earthquake rocks Mexico City - shaking buildings and sending people fleeing into the street

* Tremor hit hours after emergency drills around the nation on the anniversary of another devastating quake
* Horrifying images coming out of country's capital show rubble and chunks of buildings strewn across roads
* It came on the anniversary of a devastating earthquake that hit the country in 1985, killing thousands
* Local resident Georgina Sanchez said: 'I'm so worried. I can't stop crying. It's the same nightmare as in 1985'

At least 49 people are dead after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico leaving buildings shaking and sending people fleeing into the street.

The tremor hit just hours after emergency drills around the nation on the anniversary of another devastating quake that killed thousands in Mexico City in 1985.

Today's quake hit near the Puebla state town of Raboso, about 76 miles southeast of Mexico City, at a depth of 32 miles, the US Geological Survey said.

Horrifying images coming out of the country's capital show rubble strewn across roads and enormous chunks of collapsed buildings laying on the ground with hundreds of terrified locals fleeing onto the streets.

As structures fell around her, local resident Georgina Sanchez, 52, said: 'I'm so worried. I can't stop crying. It's the same nightmare as in 1985.'

It comes just days after a powerful 8.1 quake hit Mexico killing at least 98 people.

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Iraq PM rejects any Kurdish independence referendum. Erdogan demands Iraqi Kurds call off referendum.

Iran says Trump's U.N. remarks 'shameless, ignorant': Fars news agency.

Syrian army closes in on ISIL in Deir Az Zor.

US military closes outpost in southeastern Syria, ceding territory to Iranian proxies.

Strongest attacks on Syrian Army come from where opposition & US forces stationed – Russian MoD .

UN investigators: Perpetrators of crimes in Syria must face justice.

Iraqi forces 'attack last IS bastion on Syria border'.

Curfew imposed in Iraqi city before Kurdish independence vote.

Turkey summons German envoy for second time in two days.

Trump and Netanyahu ready united assault against Iran nuclear deal.

Hamas asks Abbas to lift Gaza sanctions after disbanding shadow government.

Qatar emir again urges dialogue, Trump says dispute to be resolved quickly.


If threatened, U.S. will 'totally destroy' North Korea, Trump vows.

North Korea foreign minister leaves Pyongyang to deliver U.N. speech.

Russia and China urge 'peaceful' solution with North Korea.

UN's Antonio Guterres warns against North Korea war.

North Korea 'guest workers' could undermine Kim regime, defector says.

Hundreds of North Korea defectors missing in South, Seoul says.

North Korean abductions: Anger in Japan over missing loved ones.

Suu Kyi faces mounting world anger over Rohingya.

Rohingya refugees: Aung San Suu Kyi condemns all rights violations in Myanmar. Myanmar's leader orders probe of abuses, says some Rohingya can return. Under fire over Rohingya, Suu Kyi defends Myanmar actions.

Hong Kong leader demands end of independence talk, warns ties with Beijing at risk.

West Java police foils terrorist plot against Indonesian President Joko Widodo.


Kabila accuses NGOs of spreading misinformation about Kasai conflict.

At least 25 dead in South Sudan oil state battle.

Locked in power struggle, Congo army, militia massacred hundred.

Ethiopia: 55,000 people displaced amid ethnic clashes.

Fuel shortage in Libya capital after fighters close pipeline.

Lesotho opposition: Political violence unleashes 'reign of terror'.

Kenya's chief justice condemns threats against judiciary.

Egypt mass trial sees hundreds imprisoned over 2013 protests.

Nigeria compares Myanmar crisis to Bosnia and Rwanda.


Merkel dismisses hecklers as polls point to fourth term.

Catalan mayors exercise right to remain silent in referendum questioning.

Spanish police confiscate Catalan referendum material.

Brexit: UK reveals details of proposed new EU security deal.

Taking back control? Britain's May to make high-stakes Brexit speech.

Azerbaijan Laundromat: Merkel ally 'received cash from regime'.

Presidential phone-in: Macron flooded with 'unflattering' texts after cell number leaked online.

Norwegian sovereign wealth fund hits 'milestone' valuation.


Puerto Ricans brace for 'worst storm in last century'.

Dozens dead as major earthquake strikes near Mexico City.

Hurricane Maria rolls over Dominica, on course to hit Puerto Rico,Virgin Islands.

Hurricane Maria: Storm grows in force to category 5 as Caribbean battered again – live.

FBI wiretapped Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort - reports.

Trump lawyer denies any ties to Russian election meddling.

Trump dinner with Latin American leaders puts Venezuela on table.

Bolivia governing party challenges Morales' term limit,

New tax hikes ignites violent street protests in Haiti.

The Latest: Brazil president’s claim on Amazon questioned.


British police arrest third man in London tube attack investigation.

US has launched ‘more than 100 strikes against AQAP’ so far this year.

'Grave fears' after Iraq moves more than 1,300 wives, children Of ISIS suspects.

German court convicts two Syrian fighters on terror charges.


Wall Street edges higher; U.S. Fed meeting in focus.

Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy protection in US.

Report: 40 million people victims of modern slavery.

Report: Robots could replace millions of human workers by 2027.

U.S. And Allied Arab Fighters Have Abandoned A Base In The Southern Syrian Desert To Iranian-Backed Militias

The U.S.-led coalition has closed and razed one of its combat outposts east of the coalition garrison in At Tanf, Syria.

Reuters: Rebels say U.S. evacuates base in southern Syrian desert

AMMAN (Reuters) - U.S. troops and allied Arab fighters have evacuated a garrison set up in June in the Syrian desert near the border with Iraq and relocated to their main Tanf base, rebel sources said on Tuesday.

They said the move follows a deal between Washington and Moscow to abandon the Zakf site, located around 60-70 km (40-50 miles) northeast of Tanf.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has gained momentum in the six-year civil war but rebel groups still control large, populous areas in both the northwest and southwest of the country as well as other pockets elsewhere.

Zakf was established to stop the Syrian army and allied Iranian-backed militias advancing from territory north of Tanf towards the Iraqi border after they managed to cut off and encircle rebels backed by Washington.

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More News On Reports That U.S. And Allied Arab Fighters Have Abandoned A Base In The Southern Syrian Desert To Iranian-Backed Militias

U.S. military closes outpost in southeastern Syria, ceding territory to Iranian proxies -- Washington Post
US-led coalition denies Syrian outpost closure is part of deal with Russia -- NBC/CNN
US forces evacuate military base, allow Iranian militias to take control of region -- Jerusalem Online
US troops withdraw from Zakaf base in eastern Homs -- Iraqi News

Report: President Trump Stopped Saudi Arabia And U.A.E. From Invading Qatar

Bloomberg: Trump Warned Saudis Off Military Move on Qatar

* Gulf nations weighed use of force to change neighbor’s regime
* Trump told them any such move would trigger crisis, aid Iran

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates considered taking military action in the early stages of their ongoing dispute with Qatar, until Donald Trump called leaders of both countries and warned them to back off, according to two people familiar with the U.S. president’s intervention.

The two Gulf countries were looking at ways to remove the Qatari regime, which they accused of sponsoring terrorism and cozying up to Iran, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions were confidential. Trump told Saudi and U.A.E. leaders that any military action would trigger a crisis across the Middle East that would only benefit the Iranians, one of the people said.

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Update: Trump Prevented War Between Saudi Arabia And Qatar In Last Minute: Report (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: President Trump is right .... a Saudi - UAE war against Qatar would not only have put at risk U.S. military personnel in the country, but it would have also sparked a conflict with countries like Turkey who rushed in military personnel to Qatar to deter such an invasion. An invasion would have made a very bad situation into something far worse .... and yes .... it would only benefit Iran.

Monster Category 5 Hurricane About To Hit Puerto Rico

Reuters: Hurricane Maria targets St. Croix and Puerto Rico after ripping up Dominica

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - Hurricane Maria, the second maximum-strength storm to rage over the Caribbean this month, killed at least one person in Guadeloupe and barreled toward the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Tuesday after devastating the small island nation of Dominica.

Maria, a rare Category 5 storm at the top end of the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, churned in the eastern Caribbean about 110 miles (175 km) southeast of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. forecasters said.

It was carrying maximum sustained winds of 160 miles per hour (260 km per hour), the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said, describing Maria as “potentially catastrophic.”

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WNU Editor: If this is the projected path for Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is going to a disaster zone when it is finished.

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Hurricane Maria's Cone And Projected Direction -- NOAA
The Latest: Maria rains lashing VI, Puerto Rico -- AP
Hurricane Maria slams Dominica, now takes aim at Puerto Rico -- AP
Major Hurricane Maria to lash Puerto Rico with life-threatening flooding, damaging winds -- AccuWeather
Hurricane Maria gets even stronger as it barrels toward Puerto Rico -- CNN
Bankrupt Puerto Rico Faces Direct Hit From Hurricane Maria -- NBC
Hurricane Maria's first victim: One dead and two missing on Guadeloupe after Category 5 storm roared past the island with 160-mph winds - and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are next -- Daily Mail
Catastrophic' Category 5 Maria Takes Aim at Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands -- NBC
Hurricane Maria on track to hit Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico after devastating Dominica -- Fox News
Puerto Rico power grid faces generational threat in Hurricane Maria -- Reuters
Puerto Rico has a long history with tropical storms. None of them were like Hurricane Maria. -- Washington Post
Hurricane Maria Does 'Mind Boggling' Damage to Dominica, Leader Says -- New York Times
Pounding Caribbean, Hurricane Maria rips off an 'avalanche of roofs' in Dominica -- Reuters
Meteorologists had a major clue that Hurricane Maria would be devastating -- Business Insider

Fake Cell Phone Bomb Found During X-Ray Check At India's Mangalore Airport

An officer spotted the suspicious scan and found a 'clay-like substance' inside the mobile phone power bank

Daily Mail: BREAKING NEWS: Fake explosives hidden in mobile phone spark bomb scare during X-ray checks at India's Mangalore Airport

* Fake explosives packed into a mobile phone sparked the bomb alert in India
* Security staff discovered device while screening 26-year-old travelling to Dubai
* An officer spotted the suspicious scan and found a 'clay-like substance' inside

Fake explosives packed into a mobile phone today sparked a bomb alert at India's southern Mangalore Airport.

Security staff discovered the device while screening a 26-year-old travelling to Dubai. He has been identified only as 'M. Mohammed'.

An officer spotted the suspicious scan and found a 'clay-like substance' inside the mobile phone power bank.

The airport's dog squad gave 'mixed signals' after sniffing the bag but an explosive trace test ultimately confirmed that it was not a viable device.

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WNU Editor: This smells like a dry-run terror attempt.

More News On Today's Bomb Scare At India's Mangalore Airport

Fake cellphone bomb discovered in checked luggage at Mangalore Airport -- International Business Times
Suspicious object detected in luggage triggers bomb scare at Mangalore Airport -- Times of India
Major security alert at Indian airport after 'mobile phone bomb' found hidden in passenger luggage -- Daily Record
Mangalore Airport cellphone bomb 'was dry run by terrorist sales rep showing customers how they could bring down plane' -- The Mirror

Major Earthquake Rocks Mexico City


NBC: Powerful Earthquake Shakes Mexico City

A powerful earthquake has shaken Mexico, less than two weeks after an 8.1-magnitude quake killed nearly 100 people across the county.

Tuesday's earthquake struck central Mexico and had a magnitude of 7.1, the United States Geological Survey said. Its epicenter was in the state of Puebla, about 80 miles southeast of the capital, Mexico City.

The damage from the temblor was not immediately clear, but its jolt was felt far. Along Reforma Avenue in Mexico City, people fled office buildings as they swayed, the Associated Press reported.

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WNU Editor: This is a breaking news story. This story will be updated later tonight.

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Map of earthquake zone -- Earthquake.usgs
The Latest: Buildings damaged, rubble in Mexico City streets -- AP

Powerful 7.1 earthquake strikes Mexico City -- L.A. Times/AP

Strong 7.4 quake hits Mexico on anniversary of deadly 1985 tremor -- Reuters

Major earthquake shakes Mexico City -- ABC News
Mexico: Powerful earthquake strikes south -- BBC
Mexico earthquake: powerful tremor hits on anniversary of major 1985 quake -- The Guardian

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Mexico -- New York Times

Major earthquake hits southern Mexico -- Al Jazeera
Powerful 7.1 earthquake hits southern Mexico, shaking buildings in capital -- RT